Two Dallas legends team up for new heat. Long time Dallas favorite Money Waters taps Dallas legend DJ Snake for the first single “Wah Wah” of the forth coming sequel to his classic The Porch, The Porch II.

Whatever they is, I’m opposite

Suckas act like I lost my niche

Radio make you drive your car’n a ditch

I’m allergic to wack shit, it cause a itch

Can’t wait tll they outlaw that shit

Loved throughout the DFW-metropolis

But never was good with hood politics

I got all the chicks’ numbers, but never call the Biiiiiitch

Money Waters “Wah Wah” produced by DJ Snake of Nemesis from the album, The Porch II Shot by Kang Rawls

AVAILABLE NOW ON ALL PLATFORMS! https://moneywaters.hearnow.com/