On the eve of the next Vibes Texas event, we revisit the humble beginnings of Vibe Texas back in its The Green Elephant days.

At first entry, one might be tempted to think Vibes Texas is an artist showcase, but beyond the stage you will find a creative social gathering that feels more like a mini-festival incorporating elements of concerts, fairs and swap-meets. The freedom of which will even give you a slightly urban “Burning Man” sensation.

Attendees will encounter almost anything imaginable such as vendors with goods, wears, fashion gear and hand-crafted art. There are artists doing live demonstrations during body paintings, fashion runways, DJ sets, spontaneous rap cyphers and freshly served tacos if you’re lucky. You, may even see a tarot card reading.

Vibes Texas is a collaborative effort with many moving parts, but one orchestrator, Romii Rae. A curator of curators, the founder and organizer, Romii is often doing everything herself. She has put in a lot of planning, work and miles on the road to bring the event where it is today. Quickly becoming a staple event, it is an important platform for new and emerging artists to coalesce with the community, find their audience as well as meet their peers.

Taking much inspiration from her mother, Romii believes everything is art. She has organized the multifaceted event around the idea of inclusivity. Not only will you see visitors of all ages, but you will also find artists, designers, and entrepreneurs from every medium and genre exchanging ideas and contacts.

A testament to Romii’s determination the event has grown into larger venues, such as Trees Dallas and the South Side Music Hall. Bigger venues help bring in bigger artist as Romii’s last few events featured verified artists as headliners. Local Texas artists become the main benefactors of these victories as the growing movement bring more exposure to the artists exhibiting and performng.

A token of her success is that operations even survived the Covid purge that has brought much grief to the live-event industry. In fact, the ongoing success of Romii’s events is one of the things helping these venues endure the pandemic.

You can catch the latest event this Saturday, January 15th at the Southside Music Hall from 8PM – 1AM. Kari Faux is performing live in addition to M3CCA, Reggie Becton and special guest Yellow Jones. Prodacia providing the sounds and longtime collaborator and high-energy host 23CUPS will be house controller.

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Grab your tickets now to Vibes Texas.

Vibes Texas Tickets, Sat, Jan 15, 2022 at 8:00 PM | Eventbritehttps://www.eventbrite.com/e/vibes-texas-tickets-221829767807

An event with live music, art, vendors and more to experience.

Performing Live Kari Faux, Reggie Becton & M3CCA

With a special guest set from Yellow Jones & Hanani.

Sounds by Prodacia

Hosted by 23Cups

Follow @vibestexas for more info.

If you have a business or are a creative and would like to be a vendor please send an email to vibestexas@gmail.com for inquiries.

Vendors contact: vibestexas@gmail.com to inquire.