Already getting play on SiriusXM Shade 45, Rakim AL- Jabbaar’s 95 State Of Mind gets a visual that matches is phonic nostalgia.
The track boast an all star production team with Mousequake x Joe Glass behind the boards and a strong soul cooking feature from Que P.
What must have taken a concerted effort from the collaborating artist to pull off, this record feels like it was discovered in a recently unearthed time capsule burred in the middle of the golden area, dug up, brushed off and then immediately published.
The video was shot by @kangrawls, who takes a deep dive into the Dallas underground transit system at City Place Station to really match that lost era feel.

I never let the record labels tell me what I’m worth,
I never bust back hommie, Imma squeeze first.
I’ve been here before, in-fact this is a rebirth,
This gonna be the last one
You gonna need flash trying to pull a fastone,
On a God who done seen it all
no—I don’t believe in ya’ll
We all agree
your best bars are sub-par
I’m so far ahead of you,
I’m Marty McFly standing next to you.

Rakim Al – Jabbaar – ’95 State Of Mind

Maybe a curse, Maybe a hearse
El’ be better than the shit we living in
Can’t question my character or my penmanship.
Can’t question my background,
I live this shit.
Can’t question the wound, I make the room shake
Straight from the womb, already too late…

Que P – ’95 State Of Mind

The second single with an accompanying visual after Jabbarr’s Dj Danjah One infused Stra8 Jackin, also shot by @Kangrawls for SoNervy Films.