It was a surreal and somber moment on a clear November night that fans, friends, and family gathered at City Hall Plaza for a candlelight vigil mourning the passing of Melvin A. Noble, otherwise know as MO3. Police choppers hung over the crowd and Dallas Gang Unit created a strong and visible perimeter for 4 city blocks, as Mo3’s music played loud on the PA system from the north entrance of the building. β€‹

Red Cloud Studios YouTube

Those that gathered came from all over the city and state. Some from his former neighborhood of which streets he made famous, as others came from as far as Houston and Louisiana.
Boosie BadAzz visited the gathering and shared his hurt and expressed appreciation for the love people came to show. He also pledged his support for the 3’s family, “I got ya kids” Boosie BadAzz announced on the mic and front of the crowd of hundreds.

#Mo3 #LLMO3 picture of Boosie frame pulled from Red Cloud Studios YouTube video #BoosieBadAzz @ #Mo3’s Candlelight Vigil Dallas Texas β€œ I got ya Kids”